Working with jms

Committed to providing
a safe work environment


JMS has procedures and protocol in place for the management of health, safety and environmental issues. Through our approach to safety we aim to protect the health and welfare of our team and any others who may be in contact with JMS operations.

JMS employs a thorough approach to identifying hazard and minimising risk for all of our projects and responsibilities. Therefore JMS is able to meet the highest standards of safety set by the regulatory bodies and our clients.

Moving forward, JMS aims to continually monitor and review work practices in combination with setting measurable safety targets to eliminate risk factors.


  • Ensure safety management guidelines are adhered to for all project planning activities
  • Implement, monitor and review safety procedures to meet all site and regulatory standards
  • Provide safety resources to employees, contractors and operators seeking further information on JMS projects and procedure
  • Provide ongoing safety training and support to all employees
  • Seek feedback from employees, contractors and operators on issues to promote involvement and development of safety procedures
  • Ensure any incidents are properly investigated, reported and learned from
  • Support employees with injury management and information as required